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Vedang Jyotish

A Unit of Vedang (Regd)

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Astrology Articles

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Silvio Sex Scam
Mrs. Abha Sharma
This prediction of author came true in the year 2011
Balarishta Case of a 9 year old boy
Mrs. Abha Sharma
This article is based on a real case history of a nine year old boy who met with a fatal accident, the author has attempted to find the astrological causes of Balarishta..
Yeddyrappa Land Scam
Mrs. Abha Sharma
Another predition of the author which came true in the year 2011
Crisis in Job
Mrs. Abha Sharma
A real case study for astrological causes of crisis in Job
Break in Education
Mrs. Abha Sharma
Case of Break in education & its completion after a break of 15 years : Role of Dashas & Karmas
The BSP Leader
Mrs. Abha Sharma
The BSP leader who got a very good position in the Government…the prediction stood correct.
Career Counselling
Mrs. Abha Sharma
Astrological Counseling for Career can help a Lot..read the article and know how...
Deaf and Dumb
Mrs. Abha Sharma
A Research Paper on 22 horoscopes of children born deaf and dumb
Escaping Death
Mrs. Abha Sharma
Case of a seven year old boy who just escaped death
Second Marrige Case I
Mrs. Abha Sharma
Second Marrige of an Airforce Pilot
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Records 1 to 10 of 29
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