The Case of defeat of a young talented man by accidental death


One of my family friend lost her 27 years old unmarried son in a road accident on 29.3.2012 around 2 AM at night. We all are hurt and helpless before destiny's cruel role as he died on the spot and could not get the medical treatment even.


His horoscope was seen in 2002 for the first time after completion of schooling for education and profession, second time in Jan’2008 for profession and in 2009 for general things when was warned against accidents while driving, but a early death was not predicted as longevity cant be predicted in a few minutes reading and even approximate age calculation by any method takes many hays time hours time. Even predictions and astrology cant help in changing completely  the past life Karmas role, and if remedies in the form of “Mrityunjay Mantra Jaap” done by self or close family members with full faith then upto some extent the longevity can be expected to get increased to some more period. In his case may be upto next 5 years as he falls in the “Alpayu Khand”. But as a young man, he didnt 
believe in "Mantra Jaap"etc. and met his fate. Though, we have seen amazing results in many cases where faith in GOD was there and chanting of “Mrityunjay Mantra” 108 times per day  or  "Narayan Kawach" for 108 times within 40 days done , with a minimum once per day done.


29.3.2012------- THURSDAY – Mother called up at 10.15 am to ask me to see her son’s horoscope and his recovery and health as he has met an accident.

FINAL NEWS CAME TO ME ON PHONE IN DELHI at 10 PM, that early morning around 4 am , he has died.


TOI NEWSPAPER NEWS on 29.3.2012: BANGALORE: A 26-year-old software engineer died when his two-wheeler was hit by a car here on Thursday, police said. The deceased was identified as a native of New Delhi who worked as a software engineer in Infosys Technologies here, they said. A hunt is on to nab the driver, who fled from the scene, officials said. 


SON’S HOROSCOPE: Born on 21.3.1985,23:00 hours , Patna




BACKGROUND of Case History: He was the only child of his parents, father Govt. Official and mother Gynecologist doctor, established in Delhi . He was a B. tech and working at a good salary in INFOSYS, Bangalore for last three years. He was extra-ordinarily talented in both academics and extra-curricular activities and was preparing for MBA marketing entrance admission along with job. On the fateful day, he was driving a scooty, wearing a helmet and as per CCTV footage, the accident mistake was small and not clearly seen when his vehicle’s rear wheel was touched by the adjacent road passing car at crossroad near his rented house in Bangalore. He died of excessive bleeding from back head and one leg. He was left unattended on road due to night for more than two hours.


Key Points to note in his Horoscope:

  1. Lagna, lagna Lord and Saturn, the karaka  for Longevity all afflicted.
  2. Jupiter, Karaka for “Jeev” and also the 5th lord is debilitated and afflicted by retrograde Saturn.
  3. No benefics in Kendras and no benefic aspect on Lagna and Lagna Lord
  4. Four Yogarishta yogas/ Alpayu combinations for longevity of 26 to 27 years as mentioned in the book “SPAN OF LIFE” An astrological Thesis on longevity by Govindu Sri Rama Murthi.

       A------ If Saturn joins the rising sign which happens to be an enemy’s camp, the person

                    born dies in his 26th or 27th year.

B------ If Lagna Lord unconjoined with a benefic lies between malefics, while benefics join  

             Panaphara and apoklima (Houses other than Kendras), the person dies in 28th


C-----  The native does not live for more than 28 years, if the lord of the rising sign is

             posited in the 8th ( here we are extending it to 6th /12th house as well) aspected by  

             malefics, while the 8th lord is in Lagna or in a trine.

D------Add lagna Sphuta to that of the Moon. Find out resulting longitude, which if

             indicates a Kendra or to any point in the 8th (extending it to 12th house also) house,

            while it be conjoined by a malefic death will manifest as such in the 27th year.

  1. Longevity / Aayukhand over, native became 27 years on 21.3.2012. Gulik in second house, making lagna in papkartari together with ketu. Dhoom in 9th house aspecting Ketu.
  2. Ketu in “Aayudh dreshkone and Mercury in Sarp dreshkone
  3. In D9: Lagna  Lord debilitated and MD/AD Lord Ketu aspected by Saturn.
  4. In D10: End of career due to death: 8th lord Mercury conjoined with debilitated Mars
  5. In D30: Lagna afflicted by Mars and Rahu / Ketu in 8th house


  1. Fatal Marak / Chidra dasha : Ketu / Ketu / Mercury. First antardasha of Ketu as Chidra dasha proved fatal. MD and AD Dasha of planet (Ketu)  in 12th house aspected by Mars from 6th house of accidents making it qualify as Maraka planet. Mercury the debilitated 8th lord. Ketu in  second lord Jupiter’s nakshatra and mercury in its own Rewati nakshatra.
  2. Char dasha of Gemini / Pisces /Saggitarius: Dasha of dual signs.  Transiting sat in 8th house from AK and afflicting 10th house from AMK.
  3. TRANSIT: Fatal Transit  of Rahu/ ketu in Lagna/7th house axis, Transiting Saturn on natal Ketu and natal mars aspecting Lagna placed natal Saturn. Mars on same degrees as natal mars. Transiting Saturn at close degree as natal Saturn and tr. Rahu/ ketu close degrees as natal lagna. Transiting Moon close degrees as natal 8th lord Mercury. Transiting Mercury as 8th lord on natal 8th lord.





Seeing role of Inter- connected destiny as in MOTHER’ s Horoscope:


Key Points to be noted in her Horoscope regarding son’s  ill- fate and mishap:


8th lord Mars aspecting 5th house in D1 as well as 4th lord Moon which is already debilitated in 8th house from lagna. Only malefics in Kendra and no benefic aspect on Moon,  lagna and lagna lord


In D7, Lagna lord Mercury is in third house of short travels, aspected by exalted 6th lord Mars from 8th house.  The 8th lord Saturn exalted in 5th and conjoined with 5th lord Venus, 2nd lord Moon and Ketu




Written By:

Abha Sharma, Sr. Researcher, B.V.B, Delhi.

9.4.2012, New Delhi for presentation in BVB Delhi convocation day