Mrs.Abha Sharma,24.2.07

With the blessings of GOD & my Jyotish Guru, Shri. K.N.Rao, I am presenting the analysis of the horoscope of a World Famous Pilgrim’s Priest. Through this analysis I want to show the relevance of the astrological principles given to us thousands years ago by “Parashar Rishi”in today’s scenario even , & the truthfulness of the “Karma Theory”

Birth Details: 8.8.1965,               Time of Birth: 22:58 Hours


Place of Birth: Jammu, India,      Dasha at the time of Birth: Ketu/ Mer


Verifying the correctness of the Horoscope:


As our Guruji has seen in many horoscopes, the position of Jupiter in 3rd or the 9th house makes a person pujari in a temple. The logic behind is that III House is the house of doing any activity with hands and 9th House is the house of religion. Any relation by position, aspect and /or conjunction between these houses and their lords, makes a person very religious and doing “Karm- Kanda”, etc.


As a Pujari does the daily “Arti” due to his religious inclinations & profession, it seems to be the correct interpretation .As in this Pujari’s Kundali, Jupiter is in  3rd House & is aspecting the 9th Houses, the horoscope proves to be true. Also, Jupiter, the 9th Lord is aspecting 10th Lord Saturn, showing the profession of native to be related to religion.


Now, we will check the horoscope with other events also.


 Some malefic combinations of horoscope:

1. Lagna is in Ketu’s Nakshatra which is placed in 8th House in Sarpadreshkona.

2. Rahu in second House from Lagna.

3. No Benefics in Kendras

4. Mars the Lagna Lord & 8th Lord is in 6th House, aspecting Lagna

5. No benefic aspect on Lagna & Lagna Lord.


 Combinations of Father’s early death available in the Horoscope:


1. Parashar’s Principle: Malefics in 4th, 6th, 8th House from Lagna is Death giving for father.

2. Saturn in 8th house from Sun

3. Saturn & Sun are in same degrees.

4. Sun in Sarpa Dreshkona in Cancer Sign.


 Combinations of Mother’s early death available in the Horoscope:


 1. Moon in Mrityubhag

2. Moon aspected by Mars from 6th House.

3. Parashar’s Principle for “Matriarishta”: Moon in 8th House from Rahu.

4. Moon is aspected by functional malefic Jupiter which is 12th Lord from Lagna              

5. Moon is in Ketu’s Magha Nakshatra.

6. Saturn in 8th House from 4th House, & third from Moon.

7. Sun in 8th House & Ketu in 12th House from Moon.




There are many adverse combinations( as given above) which indicate the early death of native’s parents

 Dasha running was Ve/Ve/Ve. Venus is the second lord, significating the immediate family of Native i.e. Kutumb,parents, Sanskars, Family Money, etc. for the native.

Venus is the Marak planet also for the native i.e. 2nd & 7th Lord for this horoscope. Sun is in 4th house and Venus is placed in 2nd house from SUN, hence marak for both the parents as 4th house is a significator for mother & Sun for Father.

Also, Venus is associated with a retrograde Mercury, which is 3rd and 6th Lord, i.e. a strong functional malefic for the horoscope. Venus is also aspected by a retrograde Saturn, which itself is a functional malefic. Thus, Venus is full of all the malefic influences and its dasha has proved to be quite tragic for the native, taking away from the native his parents life.



 The multiple malefic influences on the Venus placed in 5th House, as lord of 2nd & 7th House, has made the native very sensual & of flirty disposition. Whenever he used to go to the cities for religious assignments, he used to goto Bars to see Kabare dances and used to spend nights with the prostitutes. He could not maintain his character as was required from him being a temple priest.


II EVENT: Loss of inherited ancestor’s Property when Native was 23 years old.

Property is seen from 4th House. Fourth Lord Moon has gone to 9th house making a “Raj Yoga” & shows native’s destiny of getting ancestors property.

But Moon is in Mrityubhaga also & in Lagna Kundali it has gone to 6th house from 4th house, aspected by 6th Lord from 4th house Jupiter & 8th Lord Mars from 6th House. Any impact of 6th Lord & 8th Lord on Fourth Lord brings aggression & struggle, scandal, court cases & loss of property, which has happened in this case, when Govt. took over the Temple “Khajana” which was seems to be crores of rupees due to the numerous devotee’s offerings.


In D4 divisional chart also, 4th & 11th lord Venus is at Rahu/ Ketu axis & is aspected by a retrograde Saturn, which is 7th & 8th Lord, showing the sudden loss to the native in property & Income.

In 1988, Govt. did the take over of temple Work


Dasha running for the native was Sun / Jupiter or Sun / Saturn. Sun is sitting in 4th House of Property and both the Jupiter & Saturn are placed at 12th or 8th from Sun respectively, indicating loss to the signification of fourth house in this dasha.

Thus, it was a big shock & say, first punishment to the native by the GODS of the Temple


Transit at that time was also adverse for the native from the property point of view. Saturn was in Saggitarious aspecting his natal Saturn , Mars the Lagna lord was in 12th House & Jupiter was in Taurus. Rahu Ketu axis was 5/11 axis, rahu transiting on natal Saturn, 8th from 4th house. 


III EVENT: Marriage of Native at the age of 28 Years


For Marriage, we first of all the strength of Venus, Karaka for Marriage, to see whether the native is destined to get married or not..

Then, we see

1. 7th House/ 7th Lord from Lagna

2. 7th House/7th Lord from Moon

3.7th House/ 7th Lord from Venus,

We see that Venus is well placed in 5th house as the 7th Lord, making a raj yoga, although this yoga is not considered good for marriage & related issues. It is aspected by friendly Saturn, which may give some delay, but not denial. It is also showing the use of lower grade practices by the native for the sake of sexual pleasures.

Venus is also conjoined with its friendly planet mercury in 5th house, although this is making the native quite flirtiest & sensual.

Now we the 7th House/ 7th Lord’s position from Lagna, Moon & Venus.

  1. 7Th House is not having any malefic aspect, except that it is in Papkartari by Mars & Ketu, but it is aspected by the Jupiter the 9th ord & the natural benefic which indicate some delay in marriage but not denial. 7th Lord is Venus, & its position is well explained.
  2. 7th House from Moon is having Gemini sign with Jupiter in it & without any malefic aspect & 7th Lord from Moon is Mercury which is though retrograde( hence may give some delay but not denial) is also placed in a trine with friendly Venus, indicating some delayed marriage.
  3. 7th House from Venus is having Saturn in its own Mool Trikona sign Aquarious which is aspected by Jupiter, the natural benefic, hence again promising delay but not denial.  

Thus, it is clearly seen that the native should get married between the age of 27 to 30 years as the age period for some delayed marriage.

Dasha at the time of marriage of  native in oct’ 1994 when he was 29 years old, was  Moon / Jupiter/ Jupiter. Moon is 4th lord in ninth house, indicating happy turning point in the life of native & is aspected by Jupiter also, making “Gajkesari Yoga” indicating name & position in the MD / AD of Moon / Jupiter. Also, in Oct’94, a retrograde transiting Saturn was on natal Saturn & was aspecting 7th house. Transiting Jupiter was in 7th House , i.e. in trine to natal Jupiter and activating it by aspecting it. Lagna Lord Mars was in 7th House with 7th Lord Venus and 5th Lord Sun & Rahu, all indicating a very favourable transit for marriage of the native by his consent.

 Thus, the native got married as indicated by promise, dasha & transit in the horoscope.


IV EVENT: ELECTROCUTION ( “Bijli ka Jhatka Lagna”)

TO NATIVE ON 12.3.19977


Despite the loss of ancestor’s wealth due to the GOD’s punishment, the native didn’t understand that GODS are not happy with his “Aiyyash” nature i.e. his characterless nature. He got the second punishment on 12.3.97 when he got an electric shock which made him disabled for a period of time.


Promise of this can be checked as Lagna Lord Mars is in 6th House in own Nakshatra, without any benefic aspect. Thus, native is destined to undergo accidents, diseases & problems from enemies during adverse dashas.


 As due to the electrocution, body is affected, we have to see the relation of any of the three dasha lords, namely Mahadasha, Antardasha or the Pratayanter dasha Lords with the Lagna or the Lagna Lord as any thing related to the physical body is seen by checking its connection from the Lagna or Lagna Lord. We see, the dasha was quite condusive for affecting the body of native as AD Lord Saturn is aspecting the Lagna in the Lagna Chart. Also, Saturn is the 11th Lord in 11th House, quite malefic for the native. Rahu being in second house has proved to be the natural marak for the native, & he got an electric shock.

Transit on 12.3.977

Transiting Mars( also LL) was conjoined p with transiting Rahu at same degrees i.e. four degrees fifty minutes  in Virgo in the sixth house of the Lagna Chart, aspected by Saturn and Ketu from the 12th House. Deblitated Jupiter’s benefic aspect & 5th Lord Sun in Aquarius aspecting 5th house of purva punya was the only saving grace for the native, indicating life due to purva punyas.

Moon in Aries i.e. Lagna & its dasha shows connection of 9th House & Lagna. The ninth house indicates the karmas of this Janma & dasha of planet sitting in 9th house gives the result of Karmas of this birth, namely “Pap or Punyas” 


V EVENT: BIRTH OF FIRST SON in First half of June’97


For Birth of Son, we will see the promise from the strength of Karaka

Jupiter & the suitable indications from 5th House/ 5th Lord from Lagna, Moon & Jupiter.


1. The 5th House is having a natural benefic Venus and a retrograde Mercury aspeced by 11tH Lord, a retrograde Saturn. The 5th Lord from Lagna has gone to 12TH HOUSE from 5th house , though in a Kendra, making good yoga also. Also, Mercury, which is an impotent planet and its relation in regard to child birth , indicate negative results. But as there are benefic influences on 5th house of children , they indicate delay but not denial in the birth of children. Also, Leo is an odd sign, indicating male child if other positive indications are there.  


2. The 5th house from Moon is having Aries sign & its lord Mars is aspecting it. The 5th Lord from Moon has gone to 10th house from Moon, a good position for the promise of results of 5th house. Again, Aries is an odd sign, indicating male child birth.


3.The fifth House from Jupiter is having Libra sign, having the only benefic aspect of Jupiter, and its lord Venus has gone to 3rd house from Jupiter, a “upchaya Sthan “ of growth. Also Venus is placed in the 11th house from the libra sign, again a house of gains for the libra sign. So promise of birth of children is confirmed. Libra being an odd sign, indicate again a male child birth.

As the impact of male planets like Sun, Mars & Jupiter is there on the 5th houses from Lagna, Moon & Jupiter, the chances of first child to be a male child seems to be a correct indication.

Dasha was Moon / Saturn/ Jupiter: It is quite a favourable dasha for the native to attain fatherhood as Moon, the MD Lord is placed in 5th house from, 5th house from Lagna I.E. IN 9TH HOUSE. Saturn is the lord of gains i.e. 11th house in own house aspecting 5th




Transiting Saturn was in Pisces and the transiting Jupiter was in Capricorn aspecting 55th Lord from Lagna, i.e. Sun which was in Taurus. Transiting Jupiter ( retrograde on 11.6.97) was also aspecting fifth house from Lagna by its retro aspect. T. Sat as well as T.Jupiter both were aspecting transiting Mars, the Lagna Lord also, which is in 5th lord Sun’s Nakshatra. Moon was in Leo, the 5th House or in Virgo the 6th houseof gains for 5th house from Lagna of horoscope of Native.




As native has not controlled his sensual nature & had continued his “aiyyashi” he was given another punishment by the GODS who were not happy with his wrong deeds. 


He met a Car accident in which his left eye got completely damaged.


For damage / loss of any eye, we need to check the malefic influences on the three Karakas for  eyes, namely Sun, Moon & Venus. The same has been already explained on the first page. For eyes, we see the malefic influences on the 2nd   House, which is the house of Vision also, for the left eye. Venus being in a firy sign here, i.e. in Leo & aspect by Saturn, Sun and Moon also are aspected by Malefics, indicating partial loss of Vision of one eye of native during adverse dashas. The benefic aspects & good positions of the Sun, Moon & Venus has allowed him to be saved from complete blindness.  


Dasha was Moon / Ketu / Saturn:


MD Lord Moon placed in 9th house is giving the results of this birth’s Karmas, Ketu is in 8th House of critical problems, incurable diseases, fatality & crucial phases of Life. Ketu is aspecting the second house of Vision. Saturn is aspecting the Lagna indicating problems to the physical body of native in its dasha. LL Mars in 6th house of accidents, indicates, accident proneness to native during adverse dashas & transits. 


Transit Saturn was debilitated & was conjoined with 12th Lord Jupiter in Aries sign in Lagna. Transiting Moon was with Ketu in 10th house of native and Venus was with Rahu & 3rd and 6th Lord Mercury in fourth house. Thus 6th lord ( accident) Mercury was aspecting 4th lord ( Vehicle) Moon, indicating accident by some Vehicle. Transiting Mars was in Libra sign in 7th


VII EVENT: BIRTH OF SECOND SON in first half of Nov’99

We have already seen the promise of children in the first son’s case, only favourable dasha gives the birth of second son..

Dasha was Moon / Venus / Moon :Moon, the MD Lord is placed in 5th house from, 5th house from Lagna I.E. IN 9TH HOUSE. Venus is again in a trine from Lagna, 5th house from lagna, indicating good results for the blessing of the birth of a child during its dasha.

Transit: Transiting 5th lord Sun was in 7th House aspected by Jupiter and Saturn from Lagna . Jupiter was aspecting 5th house as well as 7th house lagna ( for II Son). LL Mars was transiting in 9th House aspected by Juiter as well as Saturn from its retroaspect.

With all these seven Events of the life of this “Purari”, I have tried to show the cause and occurance relationship of every event of any body’s life controlled by “Prarabh”( Past Life Karmas) as well as this birth’s Karmas ( Kriyaman) at the time of appropriate dashas and favourable transits, & how the wrong deeds of a pujari resulted in giving him punishments not even once but three times.


GOOD “KARMAS” giving  GOOD RESULTS & BAD” KARMAS” giving Bad results..