By Mrs. Abha Sharma, Jyotishacharya, Senior Astrology researcher, Vedang Jyotish.


Do you know what is the purpose of life, or for what , we all strive for our whole life?  Any answers? Happiness, Peace, Contentment, dreams realization,…


1. DESTINY AND KARMA THEORY & LIFE----Since  childhood, we keep on learning things, for making a dream future. If we are able to make our dreams true then, we feel happy and desire for some more. But, if we are not able to realize our desires or dreams or expectations, we feel bad and curse our destiny, which is in turn, a result of our own Karmas of past lives. Some don’t believe in Past Life& so may not believe in Karma Theory, but then for them the question is, why some persons are born with silver spoon and some in such poverty, that they are not even getting the necessities of life, like food, water, shelter and education. And slowly, while struggling with the hustle and bustle of life, our life passes on and on and on.


2. Our birth as human beings --------Friends, every living being’s basic nature is to feel happy and we all strive hard to be happy. But does this happiness in us , comes from a living for food, sleep and sex, just like animals? No, not at all, we are given this human birth by GOD after so many other species births,  to do a little more than animals.


3. PURPOSE OF LIFE------is to do our duties of “Dharma, Artha, Kaam and then Moksha” sincerely , so that we can evolve gradually as a better soul.


·        Dharma is not doing any religious activity / Pooja superficially but doing your duties as a student, spouse, parent or a worker and living life ethically.

·        Artha is making your livelihood or earning money to be non-dependent on anybody. Never waste time and keep yourself busy in useful activities or positive thinking so as to be talented enough of making money.

·        Kaam is getting married or “ Grihasta Jeevan” but also living with moral values of married life. Some who don’t believe in Marriage, may live a live-in-relationship, but with sincerity to your partner and not to be flirty with others.

·        And ultimately Moksha is getting salvation from the circle of life and death by doing “Bhaki” and Charity for all living beings and getting the grace of GOD. Just do a little charity daily, it may be helping a needy person/ a child, or being courteous and helping to ladies and old people.


4. LIVING A POSITIVE LIFE ---See, GOD is seeing our every action and living a life of love, compassion, Non-violence, charity and understanding for all living beings, will make us do good deeds, and so good returns in the form of prosperity gift from GOD. Believe me, if you live a life with all these four basic objectives of life, then definitely you will prosper as well as feel contented and happy. You will grow gradually.


5. ROLE OF GURU – A Story --- Once a curious person asked a Mahatma how a person can meet GOD. The Mahatma gave him an iron ring and asked him to make it float in water first. The man could not understand how to solve this puzzle. Then the Mahatma gave him a wooden rod and asked the man to put that iron ring on that wooden rod and then see if the iron ring can float now. Yes, it could float. So friends, we human beings are like the iron ring which cant float in the river of worldly tensions and unhappiness, but with the help of a Guru or good company or “Satsang”, one can easily cross the river of this life with flying colours.


6. MIND POWER----It is said in our “ Shastras”, that happiness comes from within. Everything is in your mind only. If you want to be happy then you can be even in simple living, but if your desire a lot or have many expectations from life and others, you will always be dissatisfied and unhappy. So control your desires, and focus a few only at a time in life, and face the challenges of life. Bacause “Man ke hare haar hai, man ke jeete jeet” i.e. if you have lost the battle in mind, then you are defeated, but if you think as a winner, you will definitely win.


7. ORGANIZING THOUGHTS----Now, you may ask how to control your mind and desires, then I will say, organize your thoughts. Just remove your worries and negative thoughts, and nourish your positive thoughts. And then you will see, your life will be a garden of roses of happiness.


New Delhi September 2008