By Mrs. Abha Sharma, Jyotishacharya

                                                                         Written on 21.7.2008 , Place: New Delhi.



There is no power greater than thought. They are the most powerful instruments in the hands of the soul. By the force of positive thoughts a person can transform his life completely. There is nothing in this world which cannot be realized by the power of positive thinking. By the force of thought, one shapes one’s personality, and moulds one’s destiny. How?

Because if you sow a thought, you reap an action….

Thought à Action à Habit à Trait à Character à Destiny

Thought is the root cause of all mental and physical developments as well as prosperity. Thought is the key to all prosperities and attainments. SO THINK POSITIVELY….

2. GOD and Positive thoughts:

According to Vedanta philosophy told by Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda, this world is a projection of the cosmic mind. It exists as ideas and thoughts based upon cosmic illusion. It does not exist as a solid reality. An individual’s mind can draw abundant energy from the cosmic source and make wonderful changes in this beautiful world.

When the mind is free from egoistic attachments and desires, it communes with the Cosmic mind or GOD. Through positive thinking, it attains the supremely positive reality, “Brahma” or the absolute.

3. How thoughts are formed:

Man acts to fulfill his needs in the following order:

1.    Physical needs i.e.  food, sleep, etc.

2.    Safety needs i.e. Health, Housing, etc.

3.    Social needs i.e. love, relations, friends, etc.

4.    Self esteem i.e. ego

5.    Self realization i.e. end of self- ego

Ego- thought is the nucleus of all mental thoughts. Mind is the unable to turn towards the source but moves along the outgoing processes of the senses and becomes involved in the world of multiple names and forms. When mind is freed from desires, it turns to its source in the self, and merges in the self. Thoughts that lead to the discovery of the Self are the highest form of positive thinking. Those that obstruct the understanding of self are negative in nature, giving pain and revolving cycles of birth and death.


Thoughts of goodwill, compassion, understanding, spiritual love and harmony are positive thoughts that make humans sublime and divine.

Thought that sustain devotion and wisdom is highly positive in nature. It arises from a purified mind and an integrated personality.


Purified thoughts form the deep – rooted background of the mind in Yogis, sages and saints. Positive thoughts are like fragrance emanating from a beautiful flower and give a sense of spontaneity, relaxation, placidity of mind and abundant joy.

They are intrinsic attributes of the self and not developed on the basis of outer reality. They are natural. They should send out thoughts of goodwill towards all. A man of positive thoughts becomes a powerful performer of great actions. His actions promote harmony and good will in the World & is remembered for centuries because of his good actions.

Your last thought at the time of death determines your next embodiment. But last thought doesn’t arise by accident . One can prepare it by constant practice of  positive thinking in day to day life to create a positive background.

6. KARMAS & Positive Thoughts:

When we think positively, good Karmas of our past begin to vibrate favorably. They are strengthened, and thus, they become are fructifying Karmas. When we retain negative thoughts, we are encouraging the negative Karmas of our past to come forth and become our realities of day to day life. Thought is the basis for Action. Therefore when the mind is filled with positive thoughts, one’s actions become highly qualitative and supremely effective. Many great men like Valmiki were born in miserable, poverty- stricken conditions. He rose to big heights by power of positive thinking and thoughts given by great association. A positive thought carries with it a stamp of truth.


With the power of positive thought, one can do following things:

1.    Heal sickness, promote a better condition.

2.    Win good friends & remove hatred from the atmosphere.

3.    Promote prosperity and success.

4.    Achieve the goal of human existence of Self- realization.

5.    Thought is intimately related to “prana” i.e. vital force and the physical body. They balance the pranic movements in one’s personality which in turn balance the chemical balance of the body. Absence of positive thoughts develop in due course various diseases.

6.    Positive thought lights a face with joy and sends forth abundant vitality in the body, while negative thought sends out a chill over one’s nervous system and face becomes ugly.

7.    Glorious possibilities exist within each person and can be explored by learning the art of positive thinking.

8.    Negative thoughts which are the cause of all that is inauspicious, ugly, dreadful and devastating in human existence, can be combated by positive thoughts.

8.    How to do Positive Thinking:

1.    By Good Association, one can fill one’s unconsciousness with spiritual vibrations.

2.    Studying good works written by Yogis and Sages on spiritual idealism.

3.    By learning meditation and practice of meditation.

4.    By organizing your thoughts. Don’t waste time over passing perceptions of the senses. Devote some time every day for organizing your thoughts.

5.    Write on spiritual matters daily.

6.    Practice truthfulness and possess a clear conscience.

7.    Develop devotion to GOD, secret of all positive thoughts.

8.    Have a Sattavik background, by regular pratice of Japa, study of Scriptures, prayer and or selfless practice in an Ashrama.

9.    Learn to promote good karmas in your life.

10.                       Live a life of Moderation.

11.                       Attach a positive thought with each negative thought coming I your mind.

12.                       Donot give any attention to any negative thoughts. Slowly they will subside automatically.

13.                       Give positive suggestions to yourself like---

I am the maker of my destiny and gaining good memory day by day. I am gaining knowledge and GOD’ s grace daily.

14.                       Learn important verses and devotional hymns by heart.

15.                       Don’t keep the mind running wild during the periods of rest and relaxation. Fill your mind with positive thoughts before you go to sleep and revise them on waking up early morning.

16.                       Raise the level of your thought while taking bath and before taking food as unconscious is very receptive during these moments of your life.

17.                       Keep smiling and laugh as much as possible.

18.                       Keep yourself fit mentally as well as physically by doing some exercises or yoga off and on and eat healthy.

19.                       Don’t give much worry to any problem as every problem has a life period and gets ended soon you try to solve it.

20.                       Have confidence and make it your best friend to go ahead as a winner in adverse phases of life.