MYTH Called KALSARPA- DOSH-WHY Graha Shanti Upaya ?


By Mrs. Abha Sharma,

                                                    Written on 4th Feb 2009, New Delhi.

The so called “Kal-Sarpa Yoga ( KSY)” made famous by some astrologers is definitely ruining many people of their mental peace and money as well. There has also been many books in the market in favour of it to promote it so that to make money from “KarmaKanda” from innocent, astrology ignorant people by pressurizing them to spend thousands of rupees / dollars on the “Pooja” on behalf of “Graha Shani Upaya”  for Rahu and Ketu, the Kalsarpa / snake’s head and tail.

Some Astrologers say that when all the planets are placed in the houses falling between Rahu and Ketu keeping their retrograde motion in view, then this KSY is made and which put hindrances in the life in the forms of delay in education, marriage, promotions in career, children, etc. Some Astrologers even include the birth planetary positions when one planet fall outside the houses between Rahu and Ketu or one conjoined either with Rahu or Ketu.

There is no doubt that proper “Karma-Kanda” done for specific purposes with the appropriate methods and at auspicious “Mahuratas” can give good results. But first of all there is an acute shortage of good “Karma- Kandi Pandits / Brahmins” doing proper Karma- Kanda. Secondly, doing a pooja for no existing such “Poojas” done for a no-where mentioned astrological yoga / dosha is cheating people in the name of “Jyotish” and “Hindu Shastras”. People telling their astrology consultation clients by the name of “KALSARPA DOSHA” really deceive them by mis-guiding them. Anyone who is suffering in any way and has the so called Kalsarpa Yoga in the horoscope, may have some other malefic combinations in the horoscope which is causing the suffering.

As per the main Astrology ancient classic Shastra i.e. “Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra”, there is a mention of  under the second main category of “Nabhas Yogas as under:

II—DALA YOGAS: 2 Types – Sarpa and Mala yoga
Sarpa Yoga— A bad Yoga

All malefics in three Kendras, i.e. Sat, Mars and Sun in Kendra and no benefic with them in Kendras.

Result---A person with such a yoga in his horoscope will be of cruel & shrewd nature. He will be poor, unhappy, beggar of food, facing many problems in life.

Mala Yoga – Very GOOD YOGA.

All benefics in three Kendra, i.e. Jup, Ven and Mer in three Kendras and no malefic in Kendra. Such a person will get happiness from vehicles, clothes, food, etc. He will be beautiful and will get relations with many women.

But there is no mention of the planetary position of all planets falling in houses between the Rahu and Ketu’s houses. Hence, naming the Sarpa Yoga as KalSarpa Yoga is totally wrong.

Some Astrologers give plea that is there any prohibition for doing new researches in Hindu Astrology. Then, we can say that new researches can be accepted only when it is proved on atleast hundred of horoscopes which are again verified for their correct birth details by way of five or more bio-facts proved astrologically in their charts. Any of the available books in market on this so-called Kalsarpa Dosha” are lacking with research shown on hundred such combinations. They are only showing charts where ten or 15 charts have planets falling between Rahu and Ketu and rest either have a planet falling apart or conjoined with either Rath or Ketu. Also, they have not made use of any of the Dashas, transit as well as divisional charts for showing the negative events or lack of good events in their lives.

The examples of people of horoscopes having the KSY, getting blessed with happiness after the Pooja / Graha Shanti Upaya /Rydrabhishek etc. at Nasik , Haridwar, etc. is very surprising as that may be either due to the better dashas coming up for those people or they got GOD’s blessings due to their “Bhakti” and devotion shown at the time of Pooja and not due to the Karma- Kand done by the Pandit and charging them profusely for Daan  / donation  of pair of anakes made in silver, etc. to low cast persons or throwing it in river.

As we all know that an individual is born with a portion of balance of results of Sanchit Karmas i.e. good and bad Karmas of his past births , called as “Prarabha” and only some of the Karmas, “Adrida” ( which is not fixed / i.e. variable) or “dridadrid” ( which can be changed partially) by way of own good Karmas and efforts as well as “Bhakti ( faith) , daan (donation to poor) and tap i.e. result can be changed in this birth.

How can a Pooja change the basic promise in a chart as birth planetary position cant be changed and as mentioned in “Bhagwat Geeta”, one can get free from his Karmas either by Karma Yoga ( fighting / making efforts against your bad periods successfully) or Bhakti Yoga (praying to GOD yourself) and not through any other individual only.

The place called Kalahasti in ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIA has the temple having idols of
Snake and Rahu/ Ketu and the priest there at the temple performs the “Pooja” for the Sarpa dosha and not for “Kalsarpa Dosha”. This is a fact told to us by him in 2007 to Sh.K.N.Rao and many of his students doing research under him, recorded by one in his mobile camera.

Now, to remove the fears about the KSY, I am quoting three example horoscopes here with facts from the research book written by the famous Astrologer and Researcher Sh. K. N. Rao on this fear called KSY through his book namely, “KaalSarpa Yoga – Why so much fear”  published in 2004.

In his book, he has very well shown through the horoscopes of fifty three people, who have been doing extremely well in their lives without doing any “Karma-Kand Pooja /Upaya Shanti” for this so-called “Purna or Anshik KalSarpaDosha”

Example 1- A Millionaire born on 26.3.1938, 3:57 a.m. Swalkuchi

Aquarius Ascendant with 11 degrees and 26 minutes and Moon in own Shrawan Nakshatra at 2 degree 14 minutes in Capricorn sign. Navansha Lagna Capricorn.

All the planets are in houses falling between Rahu and Ketu. Rahu in Scorpio in 10th house, Moon in GajKesari Yoga conjoined with Jupiter in 12th house Sun, Saturn, Venus and Mercury are in second house, Mars in Aries in III House and Ketu in 4th house in Taurus.

The native was born in Sun’s Mahadasha. He got Moon and Mars Dashas and then got Rahu’s 18 years Mahadasha. In the Rahu dasha only, he got his luck smiling on him with many achievements given as below, instead of giving bad results of so-called Kalsarpa yoga.


1.     1969 --Getting many financial gains in Rahu / Venus dasha.

2.     1971 – Got married

3.      1972 onwards—got blessed with the birth of two children

4. He invested and gained profits by investments in transportation, business and in news paper, making him happy , successful and wealthy.

Exmple 2- Engineer – born on 13.10.1955, 10:55, Esmailabad, Indis

Scorpio Ascendant with 14 degrees and 12 minutes and Moon in leo at 24 degree 14 minutes. Navansha Lagna Scorpio – so vargottam Lagna.

All the planets are in houses falling between Rahu and Ketu. Rahu in Scorpio in Lagna, Moon in GajKesari Yoga conjoined with Jupiter in 10th house in leo, Sun, Mars and retrograde Mercury are in Virgo in 11th house, Venus and exalted Saturn in 12th House and Ketu in 7th house in Taurus

Events: He has an elder sister and his father died early.

1982To 2000 Rahu Mahadasha—He became Industrialist and then Millionaire by getting many financial gains in Rahu Mahadasha.

He got married timely and got blessed with a son and a daughter.

NOTE—He was advised by Astrologers to do “Kalsarpa ShantiPooja”, which he didn’t do, but still blessed with prosperity.

Example 3 - A Civil Officer / Astrologer- born on 12.10.1955, 10:15 a.m.

Scorpio Ascendant with 18 degrees and 30 minutes and Moon in leo at 14 degrees. Navansha Lagna Sagittarius.

All the planets are in houses falling between Rahu and Ketu. Rahu in Lagna in scorpio, Sun, Mars and retrograde Mercury are in Virgo in 11th house, Venus and exalted Saturn in 12th House and Ketu in 7th house in Taurus. The identical planetary position as in Example 2, but with different Navansha Lagna.and Moon’s position in Cancer sign in D9, whereas Moon was in Scorpio in example 2. Pther Navansha planets are at same positons.

Events: He was a history student and a highly placed Govt. Civil servant. He is blessed with two daughters. He is a fine Astrologer and a idealist too.

1999Onwards his Rahu Mahadasha started in which he got two big promotions and transfers.

NOTE—He was advised by Astrologers to do “Kalsarpa ShantiPooja”, which he didn’t do, being himself an astrologer , knowing that they wont work except “Bhakti” and his own good karmas. He is a happy and prosperous person.

Thus, it is a request to all Astrologers , BRAHMINS and “Karma – Kandi Pandits” to not to cheat innocent people by promoting this myth of Astrology , otherwise they will be attacked and punished by their bad Karmas of cheating people in the name of “KalSarpa Dosh”