Our Astrologers

Shri K.N.Rao

Under blessings of Our Guru Ji Shri KN Rao,
Our Following Astrolgers Are Doing Astrological Predictions

Dr. Pratul Sharma

Vedang Strategist & Adviser

Dr. Abha Sharma


Er. Amit Rathore

IT Consultant

Mr P G Chandran

Astrologer & Vedic karmKand Adviser

Pandit Ravi Sharma Ji

Astrologer & Vastu Expert

Mr P.L. Khushu


Mrs Jaya Singh


डॉ प्रभुदयाल शर्मा (आयुर्वेदाचार्य)

रिटायर्ड आयर्वेद चिकित्सक राजस्थान

Mrs Mukta Chaturvedi

Art of Living teacher

The astrologers at Vedang Jyotish have an experience of more than 21+ years practicing astrology and have done extensive research in the field of astrology.

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Majority of the predictions made by the astrologers at Vedang Jyotish have proven correct due to the authenticity of research work being done by them under the able guidance of the world famous astrologer "Shri K. N. Rao". These research astrologers have a passion for astrology and do the service of astrology not as a profession but as a devotion, You can also take help from astrology by posting your details and by paying a nominal fee which will be used for helping the underpriviledged children and promoting the genuine research in the field of astrology.

Why Choose Us

You can add value to this noble cause by taking astrological consultancy from the astrologers at Vedang Jyotish. Astrology helps the human being by giving them directions in all aspects of life. Whether its related to your family, or career or any other aspect of your life, astrology can help you understand what is the best thing for you and what is the best time for you. By taking guidance from astrology and adding up your karmas (efforts), you can definitely make your life satisfactory and fulfilling.


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