Astrological Remedies

Myth Author Description Link
Narayan Kavach Unknown Here is the Narayan Kavach AstroRemedies/NarayanKavach.htm
Meaning of Narayan Kavach Unknown Here is the meaning of Narayan Kavach for the benefit of our readers who find it difficult to understand in its original form. AstroRemedies/NarayanKavachMeaning.htm
Vishnu Sahastranaam Unknown Here is the complete Vishnu Sahastranaam for the benefit of our readers, you can take a print out from here for your daily recitation AstroRemedies/vsnaam.htm
Bal Gopal Mantra Unknown Here is the Bal Gopal Mantra specially beneficial for blessings of desired children AstroRemedies/BalGopal.htm
Suryashtakam Unknown Suryashtakam is used to recite for the happiness through the blessings of Sun, the ruler of all planets... AstroRemedies/Suryashtakam.htm
SuryaMandalashtakam Unknown Suryamandalashtakam is another master piece recitation which can be used to pray for the Lord of all planets....i.e. Sun. AstroRemedies/Suryamandalashtakam.htm
Radha Kripa Kataksha Unknown The great remedy of Radha Kripa Kataksha.. AstroRemedies/RadhaKripaKataksha.gif
Shiva Ashtak Unknown The Shiva Ashtak... AstroRemedies/Shivashtak.gif
Guru Vandana Unknown The Guru Vandana AstroRemedies/GuruVandana.jpg
VinayStotram Unknown Vinay Strotam AstroRemedies/VinayStotra.jpg
Nav Grah Stotram Unknown Nav Grah Stotram AstroRemedies/NavgrahStotram.jpg
Mudra Unknown Mudra AstroRemedies/Mudra.pdf