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Welcome to Vedang Jyotish

Astrology is the divine science of India. Vedang Jyotish is a non profit organization working for the upliftment and propagation of this divine knowledge. Its an association of like minded astrologers who want to take astrology to the heights of occult sciences. The astrologers at Vedang Jyotish have an experience of more than 21+ years practicing astrology and have done extensive research in the field of astrology.

You too can add value to this noble cause by taking astrological consultancy from the astrologers at Vedang Jyotish. Astrology helps the human being by giving them directions in all aspects of life. Whether its related to your family, or career or any other aspect of your life, astrology can help you understand what is the best thing for you and what is the best time for you. By taking guidance from astrology and adding up your karmas (efforts), you can definitely make your life satisfactory and fulfilling.

Important: 1. Vedang Jyotish and all it's associate astrologers abide to the laws of the land. Though, it may be possible to predict the gender of a child before the birth up to a probability of 60-80%, we neither support nor do this kind of prediction for any of our customers.
2. Vedang Jyotish provides astrological predictions based on the birth details provided by the customers, the probability of having a prediction being correct from a good astrologer is up to 80% only

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