What will Putin do now?
What will happen in War of Russia with Ukraine?

27.2.2022, Delhi.

What will Putin do now? What will happen in War of Russia with Ukraine?

RUSSIA: 12.6.1990, 14:19, MOSCOW, RUSSIA

My last prediction dated 15.2.2022 based on Horoscopes of Russia and Ukraine and Putin’s horoscope on Russia attacking Ukraine and war going for many days has come out true on 24.2.2022.

UKRAINE: 24.8.1991, 18:30, KIEV, UKRAINE ( Data is to be confirmed )

In Ukraine Horoscope Dasha is of Jup/Ven/Mars. Both the Mahadasha nath and Antardashanath are conjoined in 8th house from Lagnawith 8th Lord Sun and 6th lord Marcury. Eighth signify long term troubles and sixth symbolize War, Debts, enemies and opposition. So clearly, it’s a bad time for Ukraine. Mars is the 4/11th lord placed in 9th, hence, prestige of Ukraine is saved but insufficient to nullify the disasterous combination of 6th and 8th house.

After Russia invaded Ukraine of 24.2.2022 through ground War, many of my friends started asking me , what will happen and how long this War will continue, as per my astrology. What will Putin do now? So I again saw Putin’s horoscope. Then, I felt the scientific accuracy and beauty of our Hindu Astrology. One Mundane astrology principal is that a country gets involved in a War with some other country , when in country’s horoscope or its President / head’s horoscope, , vimshottari dasha of 7th lord, or planet sitting in 7th house from Lagna starts. In Mundane astrology, 7th house is the house of War.

War Principal again getting verified in Putin’s horoscope. He is running the dasha of Mer / Mer /Moon since jan2022. His natal Moon is placed in 7th house from Lagna, then it’s a promise of getting into involved in a War on other country by initiating himself as head of Russia. The Mahadasha and Antardasha is of 8th lord, hence long term issues pertaining to Ukraine going with NATO ignited his desire to finish his opposition to his country’s vested interests and making him entangles in a scandal and getting defamed in society widely.

Putin’S horoscope: 7.10.1952, 14:19 hours, Leningrad , SaintPetersburg, Russia

He has Scorpio ascendant and has 7th house placed Moon, though exalted in Taurus rashi. He has Jupiter placed in 6th house Exalted Moon Pratyater dasha is running, which has made him get into War and partially whimsical on the pretext of his country’s safely and benefits due to exalted Moon of Kendra house. His Lagnesh Mars is aspected by Jupiter from 6th House and so has filled him with the ego of Jupiter.
So Putin is running a bad “Chidra dasha of Mercury / Mercury which is placed in 12th house with 12th lord, both aspected by Jupiter. So Scandal, defame and Padchyuti” soon.” Chidra Dasha is the dasha / time period when one Maha dasha is ending and another in commencing. Generally all seeds of next Mahadasha are sown in the last two or first two Antar Dashas / Pratyanter Dashas in a Mahadasha. This is the transition phase.
But as Moon is in its exaltation sign, he will come out stronger and will be resigning from President’s post by his own wishes after this short phase of Moon Pd till 29.3.2022.
By Sep’2022, mercury Mahadasha of 17 years will commence in his life which will force him to take retirement soon from his president’s post and join a distant Guru’s Ashram in Mercury / Mercury /Mercury Dasha from Oct’22 onwards in next six months.

Answers to some other questions are as under:

1. Will it result in World War three?
Answer---No third World War at present till Sep’2022 at least.

2. Will Russia be defeated or emerge successfully?
Answer --Russia will come out safely with some compromises or restrictions imposed by UN and NATO Countries.

3. Will USA will become Sole Super Power after this War?
Answer – No USA will not become the sole Super power, but in a treaty involving Russia and Ukraine, it will play a major role.

Horoscope of MODIJI: 17.9.1950, 11:12 hours, Vadnagar

4. How India will emerge?
Answer--- Modiji is running the dasha of Mar / Rahu / Rahu / Jupiter since 10.3.2022. Rahu is aspected by 11th lord, exalted Mercury and Jupiter is sitting in 4th house, aspected by 12th lord Venus. Hence, Modiji will play an important role in international Politics and making a compromise for peace between Russia and Ukraine and India will emerge as a strong World Power having a say in all important decisions affecting World Economy after 30.4.2022 , with end of Covid times.

Abha Sharma,
Jyotishacharya, VedangJyotish
27.2.2022, Delhi.

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