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March 01, 2022

The present situation in these herre countries is implying that Russia may not go for a war with Ukarine. But Ukarine has the support of NATO which prominnetly includes USA, thus in such a situation USA will equally be wholly and soloely involved in such a war.

Why is there a conflict?

Ukraine, which was part of the Russian empire for centuries before becoming a Soviet republic, won independence as the USSR broke up in 1991. It moved to shed its Russian imperial legacy and forge increasingly close ties with the West. A decision by Kremlin-leaning Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to reject an association agreement with the European Union in favour of closer ties with Moscow led to mass protests that saw him removed as leader in 2014.Russia responded by annexing Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and throwing its weight behind a separatist rebellion that broke out in Ukraine’s east. Ukraine and the West accused Russia of sending its troops and weapons to back the rebels. Moscow denied that, saying the Russians who joined the separatists were volunteers. According to Kyiv, more than 14,000 people have died in the fighting that devastated Donbas. Ukraine is eastern industrial heartland. For its part, Moscow has strongly criticized the US and its NATO allies for providing Ukraine with weapons and holding joint drills, saying that such moves encourage Ukrainian hawks to try to regain the rebel-held areas by force. Furthermore, Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said Ukraine’s aspirations to join NATO are a red line, and expressed concern about plans by some NATO members to set up military training centers in Ukraine. This, he has said, would give them a military foothold in the region even without Ukraine joining NATO.

What does Russia want?

Russia does not want Ukraine in NATO and has said as much in its list of security demands , which were sent to the US last December. The demands included a halt to any NATO drills near Russia’s border. Many of these ultimatums have been slammed as non-starters by the West. It also wants NATO to withdraw from Eastern Europe.

Will there be all-out war?

The West is accusing Russia, which has amassed 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, of preparing to invade its pro-Western neighbor. Biden claims “total unanimity” on how to deal with Russia. The Pentagon has put 8,500 US troops on standby for an Eastern European deployment and NATO said it was sending ships and jets to bolster the region’s defenses.Western nations have thrown their support behind Ukraine, but some responses have been tougher than others. The US and UK have supplied weapons, while Germany plans to send a field medical facility next month but will not transfer military equipment’s. There has also been much talk of sanctions aimed at punishing Moscow. Publicly, the US and European allies have promised to hit Russia financially like never before if Putin does roll his military into Ukraine. Leaders have given few details, arguing it is best to keep Putin guessing, but Washington and London have spoken of personal measures targeting the Russian president.Cutting Russia out of the SWIFT financial system, which moves money from bank to bank around the globe would be one of the toughest financial steps they could take, damaging Russia’s economy immediately and in the long term.The move could cut Russia off from most international financial transactions, including international profits from oil and gas production, which accounts for more than 40 percent of the country’s revenue.The US also holds one of the most powerful financial weapons against Putin if he invades Ukraine – blocking Russia from access to the US dollar.Dollars still dominate in financial transactions around the world, with trillions of dollars in play daily.Whattttt ca 0Some astrological hints about the possibilities of wars between the countries as mentioned by our Jyotish Guru Sh. K.N.Rao Sir are mentioned as follows. These hints are in addition to the hints mentioned mentioned in the Panchanga of Sh, Hardeo Shastri Sharma Trividi.

Sh. Rao Sir, mentions that:-

1. The importance of the placeemnt of Mars in the horoscope of a nation is very vital
2. The role of the 7th lord, its mahadahsa, antar dasha or its conjunction or aspects on the planets causing such a war strife.
3. Examine the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn or opposition in transit which may compound the situation.
4. There are other planetay combinations too, which he has defined, which rae not mentioned here as these are not getting applied in tteh present case.
He further mentions that the placeemnt of Mars in the horoscope of a nation is very much vital for war mongering tendencies.The 3rd, 6th, 7th and the 12th house placeemnt of Mars shows trouble to or from the eighbours, getting involved in border clashes, and getting involved in a war or getting involved in suffering a foreign plots.This can happen if Mars aspects these house. This can also happen if Mars aspects the lords of these houses or is conjunct with them. Reference is invited to an Article by our Guru Ji published in the Journal of Astrlogy, January-March issue-2002. He writes in it that Satrun-Jupiter conjunction is most important in the mundane astrology and takes place once in every twenty year in each of the 12 signs, in retrograde order in trine from the previous ones. He has quoted some major vents which have occurred from time to time due to such conjunctions in various countries of the world. Applying this conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the birth charts of USSR, USA and Ukraine this happened in the case of Russia in the 5th house , 6th house and the ascendant respectively, where the Capricorn sign is placed during the last year in these birth charts, when Jupiter entered Capricorn on 30th March-2020, and remained in this sign up to 20th November - 2021.Saturn entered Capricorn sign on 24 January-2020 and is still in this sign. Such a combination of these two plants made the whole world to reel under the Coved pandemic, which is still going on. Coming to the present situation of the war like situation between Russia and Ukraine where in USA is also getting involved, let us see the position and the conditions of this war monger planet in the case of these countries along with the position of the 7th house and the 7th lord responsible for wars.


In the case of Russia, Mars is one of the most malefic and a dreaded planets being the 8th and the 3rd lord placed in the 7th house the house of war. As per mundane astrology Mars represents army, armed forces, naval and the air commands etc. It represents proxy wars and terrorism of all sorts. It is the planet of war and strife, violence, armed conflicts, armed coups, etc. Being the 8th lord it represents death like situations to the rulers, destruction of the state, trouble to the people through epidemics, loss to the national exchequer, hidden scientific expansions, etc. As 3rd lord it represents communication, mental attitude of the people, neighboring countries, contacts with the neighbors, armed forces, army chief as per “Prashna-Marga”. Therefore, Mars in this birth chart mostly shows the upper hand of armed forces with strife, mostly involving the neighbors and other countries of the world. The 7th lord Jupiter representing wars enemies, foreign agents, international affairs, international disputes, relations with other countries, foreign countries, secrets enemies, foreign trade and relations is a very good planet for this ascendant being a Kendra lord especially the 4th lord representing the throne of the king among other significations. It is placed well in the 10th house, the house of the king, royalty, rulers, head of the state, party in power, national aims and goals etc, aspecting its own house of monarchal character. Therefore, the ruler ship of Jupiter over Russia shows very good strength for ruling the country with grace and valor. This Jupiter is in its own nakhshtra that is very good for it. However, the kingly character of this Jupiter has turned into martial phase due to the aspect of Mars from the 7th house over it. So, in Russia it is mostly the one man rule, of course with world famous dignity due to Jupiter, which is well placed. Jupiter the 4th and the 7th lord thus a Kendra lord is also inspecting the 2nd and the 6th house of this birth chart thus covering the “ Artha-Trikona”, which has bestowed good financial strength to Russia. It has an aspect of Mars showing very good growth in the field of the military might of the country. The lagan lord Mercury which is the 10th lord as well is in the 9th house, the house of treaties, relations with foreign countries, blockades to enemies, world organizations, scientif developments etc, with Sun which in the mundane astrology means kings, prime ministers, authorities in power, political goals etc. This is a good combination for very good governance along with scientific developments etc, for Russia. But Sun is equally the 12th lord thus this country is not able to match USA the super most world power of the world. 5th house is weak partially though the 5th lord Saturn is there with the 11th lord, but Saturn is retrograde. 5th house indicates national pleasures, which appear to be disturbed in some areas. This combination is in Rah/ Katu axis so not good. D-9 chart of Russia is partly good showing excellence in some respects.


Mars is the 4th and the 9th lord thus a yoga karaka planet representing as 4th lord the seat of power , the throne of the king and as 9th lord, apart from other significations, foreign affairs, foreign relations, capacity to block the enemies installations etc. it is well placed in the 11th house with Jupiter the 5th lord, Sun the lagan lord and Venus the 3rd and the 10th lord. It shows enough of impact on other countries and richness of this country. It shows very good position of the Mars as a war planet. It is aspecting the Saturn, the 7th lord depicting wars and is equally aspected by Saturn, thus prone to inflict wars too in regular order. . However, its results will be always favorable, as Mars is in a commanding position in this chart. 7thHouse has Moon placed in it , which is the 12th lord and the dispositor of Rahu, thus Moon has all the ferocious qualities to involve this country in wars or in war like situations during its various dashas. It was the dasha of Moon when USA attacked Afghanistan and then Iraq, when George Bush was the President.


Mars is the 4th and the 11th lord, representing the seat of power being the 4th lord and aliance with other countries, parliamnet, national aims, national acqusitions, etc, as per 11th lord. It is placed in the 9th house the house of foreign diplomacy, litigation, minstry of foreign affairs etc. It is in the nakhshtra of Sun which is the 8th lord and its dispostor Mercury is in the 8th house with Sun the 8th lord, Jupiter the 12th and the 3rd lord showing war like leaninages with neighbors and Venus the 10th and the 5th lord showing the all forms of nattional pleasures, danger to the ruler, as the 5th lord and as the 10th lord kingship, royality rulers, national aims and objectives, nations prestige etc. All these planets are in the nakhshtar of Ketu which is in the 6th house, the house of internal rebellion and disturbacnce. Mercury is the 6th lord as welll placed in the 8th house compounding the situarion of terror and internal unrest. This combination is happening in the 8th house which shows a death like situation for the nation. The lagnesha saturn is in the lagan itself, which is good for sustaning the country. But it is with the 7th lord Moon, representing war and war like situation when Moon is aspecting the 7th house. It shows enough of internal turmoil in the country for its existence through internal rebellion and a war like situation for this country. This country is suffering from a rebellion within its own country which is abbeted by other nations of NATO. Mars is thus not favorably strong to sustain the onslaught of war from other counries, like Russia without the secrte help of other countries. Nor can this new antion forge a war on other countries. In conclusion it is seen that the Mars in the case of Russia is not very much strong to go for any unhindered war against Ukraine as Ukraine has a superior cover of USA, when the position of Mars in USA chart is very much powerful as compared to China. As against this the position of the 7th lord of Russia is better, being a benefic planet and a powerful one, susceptible to undertake any compromise formula for peace of the nation as also fearing disaster of sorts for Russia, mostly in the matters of the coffers of this country.

Outcome of Present Dashas:-


The present Dasha running is Rahu / Moon / Jupiter. (Jupiter--Saturn) combination has already transited over the Capricorn sign in the 5th house of Russia, which means disturbances to all forms of the pleasures of the nation which includes the onslaught of the covid in Russia. 5th house representing danger to rulers and the diplomacies of the country, it shows Russia’s involvements in bad diplomatic relations with its neighbor Ukirine and other super powers of NATO like USA and Britain. The dispositor of Rahu is Saturn, which is retrograde, being in the nakhshtra of Sun the 12th lord, and is aspecting the 7th house and Mars thus violently tempting a war like situation, particularly when the transiting Saturn is also transiting over it. The Binashtaka of Saturn shows just 2 bindus in it. Moon also getting involved in this dahsa pattern as the 11th lord giving clues of extreme animosity with neighboring countries like USA, Ukraine etc. In the present scenario, there may not be an immediate attempt of war by Russia on Ukerine, except collecting of huge troops on the borders of Ukraine creating a war like hysteria, because of the immense pressure from USA , as the pritya antar period is of Jupiter which is the saving grace. But chances of enforcing of financial sanctions by USA on Russia cannot be ruled out, as Jupiter the antar dasha lord is in full command of the artha-trikona, viz, 2 nd house, 6th house and the 10th house by its placement in the 10th house, its aspect on the 2nd house and the 6th house, which may be a big set back to the financial economy of Russia. The dasha of Rahu/Moon/Saturn starting from 17th of March 2022, shows a scenario of war which Russia may venture to go for, with bad effects thereof, on its financial reserves, as Saturn the dispositor of Rahu while aspecting the 7th house and Mars placed therein the 7th house, thus both war mongering situations, is apsecting the 11th and the 2nd house of the Russian chart, which will mean a tremendous set back to its financial position, with further sanctions on Russia from the NATO powers. Transiting Saturn is in the nakhshtra of Mars at this point of time, which as per Kalidas is extreme ‘dukha-Karaka”. 6/8 position of Saturn and Jupiter is another serious negative astrological feature here in this planetary position.



Saturn combination has already been occurring in the 6th house of this birth chart, while being in Rah/Kato axis. It shows enough of turmoil for the nation, which includes the deadly effects of coved pandemics, as also USA’s involvement in Afghanistan to retreat its forces from Afghanistan, which created a major cry across the world. The dash Of USA is presently Rah / Rah / Sun, up to 7th February2022. Rah is in the 12th house showing war and its dispositor Moon is in the 7th house again indicating War like situation. As already mentioned above that, It was the dasha of Moon when USA attacked Afghanistan and then Iraq, when George Bush was the President. Presently the dasha of Rahu with its antar period is speculative of war like situation, which might be initiated by USA. However, with the pritya antar of Sun, which is the lagnesha placed in the 11th house with Jupiter and Mars which are very good planets for this lagana, such a situation may not be there as immediately as is envisaged. However, with the dasha period of Rahu / Rahu /Saturn, starting from 7th February 2002, it can mean strong measures of war like situations by USA. The role of Rahu getting involved in war has already been explained above. The involvement of Saturn as the sub sub dasha lord, as the 7th lord placed in the 2nd house receiving the aspect of Mars from the 11th house speaks of a full military operation, which USA may initiate. Saturn is aspecting the combination of Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Venus, which are vital planets in this birth chart and are placed in the 11th house in Gemini sign, which is the 10th house sign of Russia’s birth chart will mean strong action against the government of Russia along with the impositions of financial sanctions against Russia and Russia shall have to resort to a truce for some peaceful negotiation.


The double transit effects of Jupiter-Saturn combination has already occurred in the ascendant of Ukraine birth chart, where Moon the 7th lord, the planet showing war is already placed in it. So the war like situation in this country is appearing there from a long time, which is a fact. The issue is actually the Ukraine problem only between Russia and the West. The present dasha from 1st March, 2022, speaks of inflicting of a war on this country by Russia, as the dasha is of Jupiter / Venus / Moon. Jupiter is the dispositor of Rahu placed in the 12th house, thus representing war. Jupiter is the 12th lord again representing war. But Jupiter is the 3rd lord showing help from its alies as Jupiter is a saving planet as well. Venus as the 5th and the 10th lord is in the 8th house, giving clues about the incapacity of this country to face the brunt of the war. Mercury the dispositor of Mars showing military involvement, is also in the 8th house with this combination showing absolute incapacity of this country to fcae the onslaught of an attack by Russia. But this combination of planets which involves the 9th and the 10th lord combination of Venus and Mercury along with Jupiter in the 8th house when Jupiter is the 3rd lord as well, shows a secret pact with other countries which will come to the rescue of this country in the event of war against it. The lagnesha is in lagan with the 7th lord Moon is another saving factor which makes this nation to face the brunt of external invasion. But this dasha followed by the dash of Jupiter/ Venus / Moon followed by the pretya antar periods of Mars and Rah speak of extreme turmoil for this country. The situations may improve after the dash of Jupiter/ Venus / Jupiter starts.

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