April 19, 2022

Mantra, Yantra and Tantra , all three are the potent spiritual powers but the objective, mediums and procedures of all three are very different from each other. Mantra Sadhana is “Satwik Sadhana” and is sound based. Yantra Sadhana is “Rajsik Sadhana” and shape based. But Tantra Sadhana is “Tamsik Sadhana” and is object based.

Tantra Shastra is the basic source of Physics. It is also called sibling of Ayurveda, There are hundreds of books available on “Tantra Vidya”. During the “Baudh –Yuga”, Tantra Shastra was on its peak. But later, its wrong use got so much increased that its purity and pious objectives got distorted and its significance started diminishing. Due to the misuse of this Shastra by some cheats for selfish purposes, common people started discarding Tantra knowing people. Hence, many pure and learned Tantra Shastra teachers shifted to lonely places for solitary spiritual practices. But still ardent followers and students of this Shastra, can find them by their sincere searches.

Now a days, we can find the following practices under tantric Sadhana:

1. Rog- Niwarak Tantra
2. Vasheekaran and Sammohan Tantra
3. Stambhan Tantra
4. Vanaspari Tantra
5. Pashu-Pakshee Tantra
6. Griha – Peeda Niwarak Tantra
7. Pret Baadha Niwarak Tantra
8. Vividh Tantra ( Nakshatra Tantra, Pret Tantra, Abheechaar Tantra, Aakarshan Tantra)
Significance of Muhurata:

This is a universal Truth that the Universe is constantly changing and its influence on earth is also varying every second. This influence, if is favorable, called an auspicious Muhurata. All the works started in an auspicious Muhurata gets accomplished successfully. On the other hand, a work started in an unfavorable time frame, gets many hindrances and even if it gets completed , its results are almost nil. A day has 24 hours and dividing them in 12 parts, we get a two hours frame. The rashi rising on the eastern horizon becomes the lagna of a horoscope made for seeing the fate of the work started in that lagna. Following is the result of the 12 Lagna used as Muhurata for commencement of a work:

1. Mesha ---
This is the best Lagna which if used for work commencement, gives wealth and prosperity. All “Anushthaans” started during Mesha rashi rising on east are completed successfully. 2. Vrishabh ---
It should not be used for any Sadhana, as it can prove fatal and bad for the Sadhak.

3. Mithun ---
Its not considered good for the children of Sadhak

4. Karka ---
This is very auspicious Lagna and fulfills the objectives and is Sarv Siddhidayak.

5. Simha ---
This is also not considered good for Tantra Sadhana. It is bad for the intelligence of Sadhak.

6. Kanya ---
This is considered very auspicious for tantric Sadhna. It bless Sadhak with wealth.

7. Tula ---
All Tantra started in this Lagna give all sorts of Sidhis and powers.

8. Vrishchik ---
Tantra started in this is considered good. It gives gold giving.

9. Dhanu---
It is un-auspicious as destroys the fame of Sadhak.

10. Makar ---
It is considered pious and good for Sadhak.

11. Kumbha---
All Tantra done under this Lagna Muhurata, gives wealth and prosperity.

12. Meena ---
Its un-auspicious. Its pain and defeat giving.

Under Tantra Sadhana, some Mantras are chanted as per procedures for “ Aasan, maala, place, direction, controls and Jaap number”. For all Mantras, after Jaap, a hawan is necessarily done. Generally, Aahutee for hawan has to be the tenth portion of Mantra Jaap number. But, if that is not possible, then at least 108 Aahutees are to be made in Hawan after Mantra Jaap. Things required for Hawan (Samagree) for different Karmas are as under:

1. Shantee Tantra Karma –
Milk, Til, Ghee, Peepal wood, Mango wood

2. Aakarshan Tantra Karma –
Chiraunjee and BelPatra used in Hawan

3. Vasheekaran Tantra Karma ---
Rai and salt

4. Stambhan Tantra Karma ---
Chameli Flowers, Belpatra, Chandan choora, Jau, Kamalgatta, curd, ghee, black til

5. Uchchatan and Vidweshan Tantra Karma ---
These are the abheecharr karma and considerd Paap-Karma. Crow wings are used in Hawan

6. Maaran Tantra Karma ---
This is the worst Tantra and is equal to a murder. Poison mixed blood is used for Hawan. In ancient times, it was used for killing the demons or enemies, to whom direct fight or war was not possible.

Rules for plucking plants used in Tantra (Vanaspati):

Many plants , their roots, leaves, branches or stems are used in Tantra. But one cannot take out such plants any day but there are classical rules to bring them after chanting some Mantras, then only , they become useful for Tantra. The day prior to bringing the plant, Sadhak should take food only once in the day and should live with purity, that means, he should not speak lies, should not get angry, and shouldn’t get affected by jealously, hatred or any other negative emotions. He should not get involved in sex or violence. In evening time, before sunset, goto the specific plant and offer prayers to your Ishtadeva first by sitting facing east or north direction and do “Pranaam” to that Plant after that.

Chant the Mantra “ Mam Karya Siddhi Kuru Kuru Swaha”

After that offer “Akshat ( dry raw rice), Roli tilak and tie Mauli ( red pious thread used in Pooja )to it. Make the plant take bath like a God with the feeling of taking the plant as God. Now , give invitation to Plant / tree to come your home next day.

Don’t speak to any one anything else during the invitation to Plant. Next day go before sunrise, after taking bath and while offering water to it , chant the mantra “ Betalasch Pishachscha Rakshascha SareeSripah, apsarpantu me sarve vrikshad smachivagya”

Then fold your hands and offer prayers with mantra: “Namaste Mrit Sambhoote, Balveerya Vivardhanee, balmayushch me Dehi Pashaan maa Trahee Durav”
Then take the branch, root or leafs or stem , which is required For taking out roots, chant the mantra

“ Atraiv Tishta Kalyanee, mam karya kari bhav, mam karya krite siddhe, Tattha swarg Gameeshyati, Hram hreem Chande Hum Phat Swaha”

If you ned to cut the root in specific size as the root is very long, then chant the mantra as under: “Om Hreem Shaum phat Swaha” and then bring it home and use as per method prescribed in Tantra Sadhana.
Some Tantra Sadhana needs to use “ Banda” ( On tree , some parasites like a root / Ganth gets survived) It grows on Mango, Jamun, Mahua trees.
Banda should also be invited one day prior to its brining in the same manner as recommended above. The day of brining it, the following Mantra needs to be chanted: “Om Vandande Mahadandaye Swaha”
Ravi-Pushya yog Muhurata ( Pushya Nakshatra falling on a Sunday) can be utilized for brining any plant for collection for Tantra. Other auspicious Muhuratas like “Amrityog, Siddhiyog, SarvadhSiddhiyog or Amrit Siddhi yoga, Guru -Pushya yog” ( Pushya Nakshatra falling on a Thursday) can be utilized for collection of things for Tantra.

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