April 18, 2022

The developed and pictorial display of a Mantra is called Yantra. A Yantra is created only when it is made with the prescribed procedure of Hawan Pooja after chanting of the relevant Mantra for the specific number of times. All yantras have a specific sequence of words and numerals.

For Yantra Sadhaana, the Sadhaak has to live a simple and controlled life. Solitary living in an auspious place with clean air, light and pure things for daily Pooja.He or he has to speak truth only, Brahamcharya ( no sexual activity) no anger, non- violence, offering daily prayers to God along with minimum ( once in a day) and vegetarian food. Faith and discipline are the pre-requisites for Yantra Sadhaana. Any experience of Sadhaana is not to be shared with any one.


1. Bhojpatra
2. Tamrapatra
3. Ashtagandha
4. PanchGandh
5. YakshaKardam
6. Kumkum
7. Kapoor
8. Kesar
9. Kasturi
10. Chandan
11. TadPatra
12. Peepal Patra
13. Paan Patra
14. Rajat Patra
15. Wood Chaukee
NOTE---Like Rudraksha, only BhojPatra can be used for all types of Yantras.


Specific yantras are written with specific perfumed inks. Generally, Ashtagandha is used. Some are written with Yaksha-Kardam or Panchgandha. Some specific uses are mentioned below:
1. Vasheekaran Yantra--- Kumkum is used to write Yantra
2. Aakarshan Yantra---Kasturi is used to write
3. Sthambhan Yantra— Haldee ras is used
4. God’s grace / Shanti Pushtee Yantra – Chandan stick is used
5. Uchchatan Yantra---Coal or Mortugary ash is used to write
6. Maraan Yantra – Dhatura ras is used to write
Lekhanee / Pen used for writing:

Normally eight centimeters (angul) long pen is used.
For different purposes , specific kalams are used as mentioned below:
1. Shantee Karma , Peepal Kalam is used.
2. Vasheekaran – Chameli
3. Stambhan – Peetal ( Bronz) or Haldee
4. Sammohan – Gold Kalam
5. Uchchatan, Vidveshan, Maraan --- Iron Stick is used

AUSPICIOUS TIME / Panchang used to write the YANTRA

1. Knowledge Yantra --- Magha month, Shatbhisha, Uttara Phalgunee or Rohini Nakshatra on a tithi - 2, 5 or 11 on a Thursday
2. Fame and gains Yantra – Chaitra, Kartik, Aghan, Month, Moola, Uttar Bhadrapad, Rewati Nakshatra on a Dwdashi, Poornima falling on a Thursday
3. Health and Peace Yantra – Shrawan month, Purva Bhadrapad , Ashwini or Mrigshira Nakshatra on a Saptami Tithi on a Monday
4. Wealth gains Yantra –Vaishakha, Ashwin months, Hasta, Purva Phalguni , Punarvasu Nakshatra on a Panchami tithi falling on a Ravivar or Budhwaar.
5. All Sidhi Gains – Phalgun or Chaitra Month, Ashwini , Punarvasu, Mrigshira Nakshatra falling on a Dwadashi on a Budhwar (Wednesday)
6. Enemy Destruction (Abheechaar ) Yantra – Phalgun month, Pushya Nakshatra falling on a Dashmi tithi on a Somwaar (Monday)

For making Yantra, a Good learned . Guru is choosen Names of Some Yantras are given below:

1. Shri Hanuman Yantra
2. Shri MahaLaxmi Yantra
3. Raksha Karak Yantra
4. Bhaya Niwaran Yantra
5. Durbhagya Nashak Yantra
6. Ichcha Poorak Yantra
7. Samriddhee Karak YantraVyapar Vardhak Yantra
8. Vighn Niwarak Yantra
9. Baadha Dalan Yantra
10. Shatrunjay Yantra
11. Yatra Sidhaker Yantra
12. Yashwardhak Yantra
13. Vidhya Prapti Yantra
14. Rinn Mukti Yantra
15. Bhoot Pret Niwarak Yantra
16. Sarp Bhay Nashak Yantra
17. Drishtee Dosh Nashak Yantra
18. Mooth Niwarak Yantra
19. Duh Swapna Niwarak Yantra
20. Rog Niwarak Yantra
21. Pandu Rog Nashak Yantra
22. Peeda Nashak Yantra
23. Bal Rakshak Yantra
24. Vaani Stambhan Yantra
25. Maaran Yantra
26. Uchchatan Yantra
27. Putra Rakshak Yantra
28. Gharbh-paal Yantra
29. Sarv Siddhidayak Yantra
30. Shri MahaLaxmi Sarvatobhadra Yantra – It can be created only on Deepawali night. Its written with Ashtagandha ink by using Anaar Kalam on BhojPatra. Mantras are also written around the box. It is good for removal of all existing problems and total prosperity.

This Mantra after written is placed on a yellow cloth and then Prayers are offered. The Mantra “ Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamlalaye Praseed Praseed Shreem Hreem Shreem Om Maha Lakshamayee Namah “ is chanted 1008 times and hawan is done with guggle.

Note; Compiled by Abha Sharma

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